Hi Everyone,

We decided to make a few changes on the server to make it a more enjoyable server to play on, improve the value of partying with others, and to ensure a more streamlined and exciting endgame. We are always open to other new ideas so please feel free to use  http://www.mml2.net/contact-us/ to give us your feedback, or contact us in Discord for any questions or feedback as well.


We also added drops in various high level locations for players to receive Giant’s Codexes for skill enchanting. These are normal drops only and are in places that typically would require a party to hunt here. We decided to do this to entice players to group together to be able to get these items this way instead of the traditional way from the Olympiad or Manor systems. Team work makes the dream work. 🙂 The Areas and monsters are as follows:

  • Giants Cave: Lesser Giant Scouts, Lesser Giant Soldiers, Gamlins
  • Stakato Nest: Stakato Leaders and Drones
  • Hellbound: Chimeras west of Docks
  • Monastary of Silence: Most Angels on 2nd floor


Vanity Shop and Accessories

We added the vanity shop into Helvetia the Grocer’s menu as well to allow players to get fun items like hats, crowns, glasses, etc to accessorize their characters. Each item can be exchanged for 1 x Golden Circlet of Redemption which can be obtained from a separate menu in Helvetia the Grocer. This item cost either 250kk adena, or 50kk Ancient Adena. We will also allow players to receive Golden Circlet of Redemption for donation rewards in increments of $5 each. We plan to continue implementing new items into this shop going forward.


Forgotten Skills

Lastly, we made Forgotten skills auto learn since some of the skill books are extremely difficult to get for a server with a smaller population.




Giants Codex, Forgotten Skills, and Vanity Items Shop

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