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We decided to add Soul Crystals Stage 11 and 12 to the Luxury Shop NPC Alexandria located down the North hallway in Giran. These crystals for adding Special Abilities onto A grade weapons can be purchased using A and S Crystals. Level 11 costs 1k A crystals and 250 S crystals, while Level 12 is 2k A crystals and 500 S crystals. You can purchased both A and S crystals from the Merchant of Mammon by participating in the seven signs and earning Ancient Adena. We felt this is a great way to allow players to use their Ancient Adena and also allow better progression into A grade weapons without having to kill Raid bosses. Please feel free to leave us any feedback by using the Contact Form on this website. Thanks.


MML2 Development Team

Soul Crystals 11 and 12 added to Luxury Shop

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