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We have implemented a simplified way to create the required items for the Noblesse Quest part 1, also known as the “Possessor of A Precious Soul Part 1” quest. In the final parts of this specific quest you are required to obtain 5 x Lunargents and 1 x Helfire oil to give to the Blacksmith. You previously accomplished this task by going to Ivory Tower and participating in the “Supplier of Reagents” quest to collect the base items off monsters you hunt in TOI and Blazing Swamp, and with those items you were required to mix them over, and over, and over in the urn to get the final items. We felt this process was tedious and silly so we created a new option on the Mixing Urn’s menu to allow the player to create the final Lunargents and Helfire Oil by exchanging the base items in a multisell shop. This means you still must do the “Supplier of Reagents” quest and collect all the items to get the final items, but don’t have to mix them in the URN ONE BY ONE.

You can use this option by selecting “Exchange ingredients¬†for reagents” when talking to the Alchemist’s Mixing Urn.



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Simplified Reagents Mixing for Noble Quest

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