The server is now online, however there is still work to be done like adding the NPC buffer, the Class Masters for class changes, and all custom NPCs near Gatekeepers in town. The server is open to the public, however please realize it’s still a work in progress. Please download the system folder if you already have a High Five client, or download the fully patched High Five Lineage 2 client. The links can be found at the top right side of this site.

NOTE: As with the previous Interlude server we tested, this server is considered ALPHA and could be wiped at any time due to unforeseen issues or if I feel the server pack is missing to much content or has some unforeseen security issues. The server will go in stages from Alpha -> Beta -> Live  once I feel the server is in a stable state and we want to go forward. If I feel there have been no major bugs or security issues during the testing stages, the server will not be wiped.

Thank you all for your patience while I work on the server over the next week.



Lineage 2 High Five Server Online but under construction…

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