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We decided to make a few changes on the server to make it easier for players to obtain subclass since we have a small population, and requiring Raid Boss items will hamper progression for players in the game. We are always open to feedback, so please Contact Us here  http://www.mml2.net/contact-us/ to give us your input, or contact us in Discord for any questions or or concerns.



The Fate’s Whisper quest has been simplified and is much easier then before, meaning now you aren’t required to kill and obtain the Raid Boss items to progress in the quest. You can find Maestro Reorin to start the quest east of Oren. He will require 984 B crystals and a Top B grade weapon to finish the quest. The Top B weapons can be obtained from the Luxury shop in Giran by upgrading low B grade items with B and A crystals. In return you will get the Star of Destiny, complete the quest, and get a Low A Grade weapon to help your progression. Completing this quest along with completing Mimir’s Elixir quest will allow you to subclass at the Class Masters in town.

How to get Subclass and Luxury Shop Changes

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