Note:If you already have a Freya/High Five Client you can skip step 1 and jump directly to step 2.

  1. Download the L2 Client at the following URL
  2. Extract the contents to anywhere on your machine. Proceed to step 3 if you don’t want border-less client.
    • NOTE: If you want a border-less window, download the border-less window patch
      • Unzip the contents into wherever your Lineage 2 client exists on your PC
      • It should ask you to overwrite, click “Yes to all”.  (If it does not ask you to overwrite, you are extracting to the wrong folder)
  3. Navigate into the Lineage 2/system    folder, and right click the “L2.exe” and select “Send to Desktop”
  4. Now go to your desktop to Launch the game client.
  5. Once loaded, set your resolution and settings. Exit the game so the settings are saved!
  6. Now re-launch the game using the Desktop icon.
  7. On the login screen, just type your desired username and password. As long as its unique, the account will be created.
  8. Use this account you created going forward. Note: You can have as many accounts and characters as as you like.

Good luck and have fun!